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Celebrating 30 years of Italian Craftsmanship

Since its inception in 1988, Brando Shoes pursued its vision refining the heritage of Italian craftsmanship. Rocco Mascitelli founded his shoe company in 1988, after spending many years in the shoemaking region of Marche, Italy where he came in contact with premium materials and fell in love with the artisanal process of making shoes.

Over three decades, the company has distinguished itself by the production of premium quality shoes that reflect a fine balance between tradition and innovation. Today, Brando Shoes are the much-loved companions of celebrities, politicians, athletes and the everyday modern gentleman.

Let your shoes do the talking

 Brando has two meanings in Italian: 'to brandish' and 'rare'. The brand epitomises these characteristics, reflected in the quality of each individual shoe.

Brando footwear has been worn by discerning Australian men for 30 years. With a commitment to ‘reinvent the classics’, our collections adopt timeless fashion sensibility, borrowing from the past and creating essential looks for the modern man. 

Brando continues to push boundaries, offering premium handcrafted works of art. Our passion for quality dictates the rhythm and our collections will always offer contemporary looks still retaining handmade workmanship and uncompromised quality.

Our seasonal collections are the true expression of Italian manufacturing excellence combined with high technology. From classic loafers to on-trend sneakers, every season is purposefully visualised from the bottom upwards, to make shoes the undisputed protagonists of every outfit.

Our Heritage

Brando Shoes are sourced and manufactured in Italy in the coastal town of Ancona. Located in Le Marche region, the Mascitelli family have been making shoes in this region for generations. This region is where modern shoemaking was invented and considered the world’s oldest and best shoe manufacturing district since the late 1800s.

Hand crafted in Italy

The brand's success can be found in the combination of three simple but crucial elements: Italian handmade tradition, careful selection of the finest materials and innovative design. Brando Shoes are crafted with an array of luxurious materials such as vegtan, soft nubucks and premium Italian leathers. The production is a process that requires masterful skills, heritage and passion.