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Dressing During Isolation

isophistication | noun | i路鈥媠o路鈥媝his路鈥媡i路鈥媍a路鈥媡ion

The quality of being sophisticated while in isolation.

Dressing to work from home isn't necessarily about wearing the same clothes you would to the office, or whatever environment you usually work in. It鈥檚 about finding that middle ground. It鈥檚 time to ditch the sloppy pyjamas and slippers for light-weight, comfortable daywear. We鈥檙e talking about that effortless 鈥渃ouch-to-desk-to-walk-around-the-block-for-five-minutes-before-giving-up" look. The most important part of the look? Your shoes, of course.

Thom Sandals

If you鈥檙e that guy who needs a touch of class with comfort, the Brando Thom Sandal is your isolation companion. Made in Italy from the softest leather, these gems are ultra-comfortable and undeniably stylish. Whether you鈥檙e spending your days as a potato couch or getting shi*t done, these are ideal for easy, breezy everyday wear.


Hunt Sneakers

Undoubtedly, sneakers are your go-to choice for living in isolation. You can do everything in them from working remotely, doing a home workout in the yard or going for a trip to the shops. The Hunt sneakers by Brando are the perfect compromise between a casual sneaker and a versatile work shoe. Not only are they comfortable, but they also look great!


Cesar Boots

It鈥檚 a proven fact that you鈥檙e most productive when you鈥檙e dressed well. If you鈥檙e looking for effortlessly comfortable shoes to last you through the winter, the Brando Cesar boot is your hero. Whether you鈥檙e required to work from home or the office, these beauts are instant comfort with undeniable style. Available in four different tones, they鈥檙e perfect to pair with your neutral, casual outfits.


Blayne Slip Ons

No laces, no fuss. That鈥檚 our kind of everyday shoe. As far as isophistication goes, the Brando Blayne Slip Ons are the ultimate shoe. Comfortable enough to work from home; practical enough to slip on before you head out to the shops. Available in taupe and green, they鈥檙e neutral and versatile for casual, everyday wear.