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Celebrating 30 Years with Founder and Creative Director, Rocco Mascitelli

Can you tell us about the history of Brando Shoes?

Brando is the product of my passion for handmade footwear. It was born after spending many years in the shoemaking region of Marche in Italy where I came in contact with premium materials and fell in love with the artisanal process of making shoes. I wanted to “brandish” this effort and offer it to a discerning fashion-conscious audience. This rare combination of quality, fashion and value are what has always been our mission. Brando has two meanings in Italian: to brandish and rare. The name was specifically chosen to reflect these attributes.

How has Brando Shoes evolved over the last 30 years?

Over the years, the brand has evolved by aligning with our DNA and values through advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship. Also, I think Brando has evolved with its end consumer. We’re inspired by European fashion but adapt styles with our own handwriting, always ensuring that there’s a classic staple to suit the modern man.

How do you stay inspired to come up with new, exciting designs?

My passion for quality footwear is my main inspiration along with symmetry, colour and texture. Our designs are inspired by timeless classics right through to the latest, innovative styles. We always strive to push boundaries and interpret trends with our own distinctive style.

Who is the quintessential Brando man?

Brando is designed for the modern man who will not compromise on quality. He will look for the latest trends but will make sure that his feet are well looked after. He understands that making an investment in a quality pair of shoes will go a long way.

What’s next for Brando Shoes?

Our mission remains clear and unequivocal. Brando will continue to push boundaries, offering premium handcrafted works of art. Our passion for quality dictates the rhythm and our collections will always offer contemporary looks whilst retaining handmade workmanship and uncompromised quality.